Pater Pan - Magdalene Players

by Martin Smith, adapted from JM Barrie, 2015


JM Barrie's all time classic has well and truly received the Magdalene Players treatment! Come and follow us - second star to the right, and straight on till morning (via Croydon) - to Peter Pan's magical world of Neverland where you will find plenty familiar (and some not so familar) faces! 

Show dates are 5th-8th February 2015. Thursday and Friday evening at 7:30pm. Saturday at 2:00pm and 7:00pm. Sunday at 2:00pm.

Cast List

Peter Pan - Claire Clarke
Precocious, arrogant, mischievous hero
Wendy -  Emma Palmer
Caring, sweet, trusting, maternal heroine
John - Bethan Davis
Michael -  Felix Rackow
Mr Darling - Humphrey Waterhouse
Strict and stuffy father, who disapproves of fun
Narrator - Aidan Godwin
Shakespearean style delivery
Tinkerbell - Michelle Rea
Sulky cheeky mischievous. In love with Peter and jealous of anyone who gets close to him
Critic 1 - David Cooper
Grumpy seen it all theatre-goer
Critic 2 - Robert Scheele
Even Grumpier seen it all theatre-goer
Captain Hook - Humphrey Waterhouse
Bad-tempered and fierce pirate who doesn't take no for an answer and steamrolls over anyone who gets in the way. Prone to respond to flattery
Smee - Jack Fulford
Bumbling sidekick to Captain Hook. Keen to be liked and is embarrassed that he has to do pirate-y things
Nanna/Mrs Hook - David Ashton
Dame character. Dominates her husband, Hook
Tiger Lily - Vicki Johnson
Peter's favourite squaw
Lost Boys/Pirates/Indians/Mermaids
All the children's favourites
Big Chief Standing Cow - Chris Mikami
A lawyer and Big Chief of the Sue Tribe
Stinkerbell - Caroline Field
Tinkerbell's lesser known sister. Darker than Tinkerbell and out for revenge
Crocodile/Nibs - Mark Collins
Snappy dresser
Mrs Darling/Ethel Mermaid - Claire Walshe
Kindly mother to Wendy and her brothers. Seductive vamp as a Mermaid, in love with Peter
Black Murphy - Emma Smith
Bloodthirsty pirate
Mullins - Sian Kenyon
Bloodthirstier pirate


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