Everyman is a modern play produced by Charles Frohman and directed by Ben Greet that is based on the medieval morality play of the same name. The modern play was first performed in 1901 in Britain, and opened in the United States in 1902 on the Broadway stage. The play had a Broadway run of 75 performances, with tours over the next several years that included four Broadway revivals.

The original play was written by Dutch Monk Peter van Diest (Petrus Dorlandus) about 1470 and tells the story of Everyman, who being commanded by God to begin his journey to the grave looks for companions to accompany him. Everyman then approaches a series of allegorical characters - such as Fellowship, Kindred and Knowledge - but finds that only the character representing "Good Deeds" stays with him until the end of his journey. There is no record of a modern production of this play until July 1901 when the The Elizabethan Stage Society of William Poel gave three Saturday productions in an outdoor courtyard at the Charterhouse (a former monastery) in London. Poel's production was distinctive in that the actors wore costumes based on designs from Flemish tapestries.


Narrator Andrew Hamilton
King Robert Dave Clarke
The Empress Valemunde John Pearson
The Cardinal of Rome Bernard Godwin
The Steward Kevin Dineen
The Porter David McGuire
The Sexton John Jeffrey
The People of Sicily Hilary Pearson
The People of Sicily Isabelle Macniven
The People of Sicily Antonia Cecil
The People of Sicily Lizzie Cecil
The People of Sicily Katherine Russell
The People of Sicily Jenny Sawyer
The People of Sicily Jocelyne Powter


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