by Arthur Lovegrove, 1961


The Fordyces are busily preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter Jacky to Victor, son of Stephen Parker, with whom Henry Fordyce is planning a business merger. Then in walks a total stranger Mrs. Puffin who announces she saw in a vision that Jacky would not marry Victor. She then establishes her vision's accuracy by correctly predicting various hilarious domestic accidents. She also predicts Jacky will marry the young business associate, Roger Vincent, who has accompanied the Parkers to the Fordyce home. She also foretells Victor will ask release from the engagement as he's in love with Jacky's younger sister. The oracle proves to be amazingly accurate no wonder she's been carefully primed for her role as suburban seeress.


Ethel Fordyce Anne Marie Godwin
Jacqueline Fordyce Margaret Hewitt
Pamela Fordyce Judy Soghmanians
Nicholas Fordyce David Ashton
Annie Rosie Tilling
Amelia Puffin Tricia Stocks
Henry Fordyce Bernard Godwin
Stephen Parker Roland Chesters
Victor Parker Gerald Myers
Roger Vincent Patrick Lacey


The Magdalene Players

The Magdalene Players are an Amateur Drama Group based in Wandsworth, London, England. We have been performing at the St Mary Magdalene Church Hall in London, SW17 7HP since 1980.

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