Fairy Queen Mary Coulson
Fairy Nightshade Anne Marie Godwin
Prince Ferdinand Emily Maddick
Wizard Balthazar Paul Varlaam
Princess Charlotte Lisa Coulson
King Herbert Mike Rowe
Queen Beatrice Alison Squires
Nurse Fortune Maggie Hewitt
Lady Constance Clare Askham
Prime Minister Jonathan Betts
Queen Anasthesia Pat Wilson
Arthur Nigel Taylor
Septimus David Ashton
Robert Vanessa Lucas
Steward Daniel Hewitt
Mary Clare Roberts
Jane Hannah Woolley
Fairy Snow Josephine Woolley
Fairy Liquid Kate Cooper
Fairy Enuf Margot Johnson
Fairy Nightshade's Sprites Lucy + Aidan Godwin
Courtiers Emma Downham, Gemma Gould, Katie Henry, Tiffanie H
Courtiers / Woodmen Robert Brodrick, Matthew Cooper, Phillip Ewe, Thom
Tap Routine Hannah Woolley, Katherine Woolley


Director Jane Cooper
Advertising The Cast
Box Office Sally Smallbone
Costume Coordinator Lynn Tilling
Costume Hire Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead
Choreographers Rosalind Taylor, Jane Cooper
Poster Designer David Cooper
Programme Producers David Ashton, Bernard Godwin
Front of House Gerald Tilling
Refreshment Organisers Hilary Coulson, Caroline Maddick
Refreshment Team Parents of Cast
Scenery Designer Ken Cooper
Script Writers Anne Marie Godwin & Bernard Godwin, David Asht
Stage Manager David Cooper
Assistant Stage Manager Rosie Tilling
Lighting Bernard Godwin
Sound John Pearson
Props Emma Collier-Wright
Prompt Gerry Farrell Morrish
Crew Georgina Murray Burton, Aaron Shakespeare
Musical Director Sally Simpson
Drums Derek Quye
Saxophone Katherine Woolley
Flute Katherine Woolley
Fanfare Trumpets Matthew Cooper, Katie Henry, Anthony Lindley, Barn


The Magdalene Players

The Magdalene Players are an Amateur Drama Group based in Wandsworth, London, England. We have been performing at the St Mary Magdalene Church Hall in London, SW17 7HP since 1980.

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Box Office:
07376 085078
The Magdalene Players
St Mary Magdalene Church Hall
Trinity Road
London SW17 7HP, UK


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