Jack Trot Cheska Moon
Dame Trot David Ashton
Simon Aaron Shakespeare
Fleshcreep Nigel Gray
Sir Sidney Sattapon Bart Paul Hickey
Lady Dahlia Sattapon Maggie Hewitt
Faith Lucy Gray
Barrington Chris Robertson
Fairy Forget-Me-Not Sabina Jabry
Babs Laura Bally
Buttercup Aidan Godwin
Buttercup Kester Lindley
Giant Blunderbore Ian Jewesbury
Nobby David Jones
Robbie Stephen Johnstone
Sophie Scoop Emma Milward
Fairy Primrose Summer Nisar
Kitty the Maid Kitty Gilbert


Director Bernard Godwin
Producer Aaron Shakespeare / David Ashton
Musical Director Rob Demi
Designer Cheska Moon
Choreography Lucy Gray
Associate Director Jane Cooper
Funky Moves Dance Group Linda Magistris
Costumes Ruth Cox / Jane Cooper / Sue Thomson
Dame's Costumes Pat Moss
Stage Manager David Cooper
Deputy Stage Manager Lucy Godwin
Assistant Stage Managers Gemma Gould
Scenery Builders David Cooper / Nigel Gray / Cheska Moon / Gordon T
Props Lucy Gray
Lighting & Sound Richard & James Grogan
Sound equipment Integrated Circles Limited
Makeup Victoria Bailey / Kim Richmond-Bailey
Front of House Jane Cooper
Box Office Pat & Lou Crosswell


The Magdalene Players

The Magdalene Players are an Amateur Drama Group based in Wandsworth, London, England. We have been performing at the St Mary Magdalene Church Hall in London, SW17 7HP since 1980.

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Box Office:
07535 925268

The Magdalene Players
St Mary Magdalene Church Hall
Trinity Road
London SW17 7HP, UK


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