by Frederick Knott, 1952


Although Knott's most successful play, Dial M for Murder, was a hit on the stage, it was originally a BBC television production. As a theatre piece, it premiered at the Westminster Theatre in Victoria, London, in June 1952, directed by John Fernald and starring Alan MacNaughtan and Jane Baxter. This production was followed in October by a successful run in New York City at the Plymouth Theater, where Reginald Denham directed Richard Derr and Gusti Huber. Knott also wrote the screenplay for the 1954 Hollywood movie which Hitchcock filmed for Warner Brothers in 3D, starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly, with Anthony Dawson and John Williams reprising their characters from the New York stage production, which had brought Williams a Tony Award for his role as Inspector Hubbard.


Tony Wendice Humphrey Waterhouse
Sheila Wendice Natalie Charles
Max Halliday Craig McEwan
Captain Lesgate David Ashton
Inspector Hubbard Nigel Gray
Policeman Luke Mileham


Director Guy Johnson
Producer Chris Robertson
Costumes Sue Thomson / Jane Cooper
Wardrobe Assistant Catherine Headley
Stage Manager Aidan Godwin
Deputy Stage Manager Laura Baker
Prompt Maggie Savill
Props Chris Robertson
Designer Bernard Godwin
Lighting & Sound Bernard Godwin / Richard Grogan / Jim Lee
Makeup & Hair Alison Squires
Set Builders & Painters Nigel Gray / David Cooper / Gordon Thomson & m
Box Office Pat & Lou Crosswell
Front of House Jane Cooper
Bar Manager John Savill
Programme Bernard Godwin
Publicity Pat Wilson
Publicity Photographs Nigel Gray
Poster Design Nigel Gray


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