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Ali Baba and the 100 Thieves, the Magdalene Players 100th Production
Auditions 14+ and adults - 8pm, Monday 2nd November, Church Hall
Show Dates - 4th - 7th February 2016

Ali Baba F Principal boy. The hero. Young and brave. In love with Morgiana.
Oily Baba M The village idiot. Younger and less brave brother of Ali. Daft but friend of the audience.
Barbara Bubblebottom M The dame. Mother of Ali and Oily.  She owns the village bakery/shop and has the hots for guys
Morgiana F Principal girl. The heroine. Daughter of Sheikh Yabouti. 
Al Sadan M Leader of the 100 thieves. Ruthless, greedy and evil.
Cassim Baba M Nasty brother of Barbara’s deceased husband. Will do anything to get more money.
Rum Baba F Vain, horrible money grabbing wife of Cassim. 
Sheikh Yabouti M Lazy but benevolent ruler of the kingdom who is not quite with it. 
Mustafa Shower M/F A wannabe thief who has dreadful body odour issues.
Mustafa Leak M/F A wannabe thief with very poor bladder control.
Titiana F Maidservant and trusted friend to Morgiana. Lives and works at the palace.
Al Fresco M/F Very upbeat and excitable.
Al Dente M/F Very downbeat and pessimistic.
Fido the Camel M/F Hard done by camel belonging to Cassim.
Basil Bogbrush M Hard working public convenience attendant to all toilets in the kingdom, who is also the narrator as he has seen many things in life.
Voice of the Cave M A cave that answers back!