Dick Barton - Magdalene Players

by Phil Willmott, 1998


Dick Barton - Special Agent was a hugely popular radio programme on the BBC Light Programme produced and directed by such titans of British radio as Raymond Raikes, Neil Tuson and Charles Lefaux. Between 7 October 1946 to 30 March 1951 it aired at 18:45 (later 18:15) each weekday evening and at its peak it had a daily audience of over 20 million listeners. Despite popular belief, it was not actually the BBC's first daily serial, nor was it broadcast all year round. However, its spectacular popularity has led to it being much better remembered than any of its ancestors.


The nefarious arch-villain Baron Scarheart plans to take control of Britain by lacing the nation's tea supplies with Slunk, the most potent cannabis known to man, thereby rendering the populace pliant to his will. The only person who can stop him is Dick Barton, special agent and tea time radio star, ably assisted by his working class sidekicks Jock and Snowy. But when Barton goes missing (captured and imprisoned in Berlin by the lusty femme fatale Marta Heartburn), the fate of Ol' Blighty hangs on a thread. Will Dick escape? Can Jock and Snowy save the day? Will Marta have her wicked way? What's with the tap dancing? Who's got the teddy bear? These questions and more will possibly be answered at some time during this fun and frivolous show ...


Baron Scarheart Roland Chesters
Con Mark Collin
Harry Splat Mark Collin
Head Criminal Mark Collin
Policeman Mark Collin
Roger Mark Collin
Criminal Nick Comlay
Hack Nick Comlay
King George Nick Comlay
Showgirl Nick Comlay
Wilco Nick Comlay
Mrs. Horrocks Caroline Field
Dick Jack Fulford
Snowy Jack Fulford
BBC Announcer Aidan Godwin
Vipers' Nest MC Aidan Godwin
Lady Laxington Caroline Goldston
Convict Lucy Gray
Criminal Lucy Gray
Hack Lucy Gray
Helga Lucy Gray
Sir Stanley Nigel Gray
Jock Sian Kenyon
Marta Michelle Rea
Criminal Emily Rice
Guard Emily Rice
Hack Emily Rice
Showgirl Emily Rice
Colonel Gardner Charles Williams
Daphne Karen Wilson


Director Chris Robertson


The Magdalene Players

The Magdalene Players are an Amateur Drama Group based in Wandsworth, London, England. We have been performing at the St Mary Magdalene Church Hall in London, SW17 7HP since 1980.

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