by David Hare, 1990


19th May - 21st May 2016

Rightly referred to as a ‘masterpiece’, this award-winning play is the first in David Hare’s trilogy in which each play deals with the crises facing a great British institution.

Racing Demon addresses many of the problems facing the Church of England by telling the story of an inner-city team of clergymen whose liberal-minded approach is challenged by the arrival of a young curate. As the team, together and individually, strive to make sense of their role and purpose in the local community, they attract the concern and attention of the Church establishment. Racing Demon is a play of considerable dramatic power — very moving and at times highly amusing.


An older, spiritually doubting member of the Church of England's clergy competes with a brash young evangelical for the souls of the people in a working-class neighborhood in South London.


The Revd Lionel Epsy - Martin Smith

The Rt Revd Charlie Allen, Bishop of Southwark - Humphrey Waterhouse

Frances Parnell - Ruth Oliver

The Revd Tony Ferris - Jack Fulford

Stella Marr - Janani Sivabalan

The Revd Donald "Streaky" Bacon - Rob Scheele

The Revd Harry Henderson - Guy Johnson

Heather Espy - Lucy McMullan

Ewan Gilmour - Aidan Godwin

Tommy Adair - Humphrey Waterhouse

The Rt Revd Gilbert Heffernan, Bishop of Kingston - David Cooper

Other parts - Jonathan Murray and members of the cast



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The Magdalene Players are an Amateur Drama Group based in Wandsworth, London, England. We have been performing at the St Mary Magdalene Church Hall in London, SW17 7HP since 1980.

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